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How To Oil Your New Deck

Posted by Pac Patios

Your new deck is now completed and looks fantastic. However to keep timber looking great does take some maintenance. Follow these steps and your deck will stay looking great for years to come.

  • If your deck is just completed it should be left for 4-6 weeks before oiling. This will allow it to settle and release its natural tannins and oils.
  • As our Gold Coast climate can be quite hot and dry it is a good idea to hose your deck down every few days to help the tannin release process.
  • After this time has passed use a Deck Clean product to clean the deck (your local hardware store will be able to make some suggestions)
  • Use a stiff broom or brush to clean the decking timber.
  • Wash the solution off thoroughly with a high pressure hose.
  • Allow the decking to dry completely before oiling.

You are now ready to apply the oil.

This process needs to repeated every 6-12 months depending on your location and how much weather the deck is subjected to. A covered deck will not require as regular oiling as an uncovered deck.

  • Stir your chosen decking oil product thoroughly.
  • The oil is best applied with a decking oil applicator, however a soft, clean broom can also be used successfully.
  • Liberally apply the oil along the entire length of the boards. Aim for a fluid motion to ensure even coating.
  • Apply a second coast and allow to dry completely before use.

Pacific Patios recommends and uses Cabots products.